The Fear Saga

June 28, 2016

Middle of 2015 I started listening to audio books during my work journey, which can be painfully long. My first book was The Martian which I really loved, but I was left wanting more. That’s where I came across Fear the Sky, a Fear Saga Trilogy by Stephen Moss.

I’m not going to review each book but just give a quick overview of my experience.

Warning for spoilers

The first book was amazing! I was hooked on from the get go. It was brilliantly read by R.C.Bray (he read The Martian too) and I think he captured the essence of each character. The book isn’t really hard sci-fi but i think it balanced the science, adventure and the story really well.

The story is about a sneak attack on our beloved planet, which has been made aware to a few handful of people. With some help, these individuals set to protect the planet Earth.

The story is spread over the three books with each telling the story from different perspectives. The TASC force, the Agents to watch and eliminate any uprising, the coming armada.

The trilogy goes through a mix of emotions from witty banter, anger, loss, hope and joy. There are moments of pure sadness which is really well written, with compassion and empathy. Then there’s action pieces which leave you gripping to your seat and not moving!

The development of the TASC force is awesome from the tech they create which is combined by biological interfaces to hurdles they have to overcome with the help their A.I, mini and her growth.

Needless to say if you like sci-fi then this is a must read.

A straight 10 from me. Loved it!

Update: I’ve discovered a few weeks ago that Stephen is writing the next book to the series called FEAR’S ORPHANS. It follows from where the third book left off.

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Written by Qasim Alyas